helping my buddie sell his eh3

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helping my buddie sell his eh3 Empty helping my buddie sell his eh3

Post by panda on Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:56 pm

took this off his posting on his name is pat and he needs to sell this badly lol..

you can contact him on aim - ej6turbo

ok, so i had plans on selling this to the ex-GF but it turns out she cant raise the funds. sooo... now i HAVE to sell the car. i can't keep it since the apartment i will be moving to in VA only has a two car garage. seeing as i have three cars, well the math is easy :pinch:.

internally stock z6 and stock s20 b000 transmission
EH3 chassis
ITR dampers f/r, rear ITR LCA of course
gsr front seats
maintained by me Wink... lol.. but really, it gets a solid 40 mpg @ 5k feet on 89
new viper alarm, installed last saturday
DX lower sub-frame and manual rack
black interior
chick driven for the last 7 months
cali car, so no rust. seen snow only three times since i owned it.
amber corners
two sets of headlights (stock and ebay projector, since the 92-95 headlights are craptastic for lighting)

salvaged title
paint needs love (but its all white, mostly)
driver door has a dent, no paint required to repair
i drive 70 miles one way to work every day, since the begining of june.
drum rear brakes
gsr coupe rear seats
holes for tweeters, but no tweeters, in the front two doors
no a/c or p/s
hatch glass struts are gone or broken
passenger door "pull" and window switch holder is broken (broken by the shop that installed the alarm)
windshield trim is missing on driver side and roof line.

these are the most current pics i have of the car. will take more later.

helping my buddie sell his eh3 L_e8053faebc76441d84b06eaaa61c300c

helping my buddie sell his eh3 L_798c1263dee4413ea193ee6271a7e524

helping my buddie sell his eh3 L_2b3dce5158664e5383aa706d3cceb325

helping my buddie sell his eh3 L_5167453ff9cd4750aac433d15f00e17e

car is currently on 14" steel wheels. fat 5 not included!

$1600 OBO cash.
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