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JDM RHD Silvia Shell for sale (Can Deliver!)

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JDM RHD Silvia Shell for sale (Can Deliver!)

Post by raymond on Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:26 pm

This is an authentic JDM RHD Silvia not a conversion... Power doors
with clean door panels... Interior is complete... Solid roof (no cheesy
sun roof)... No front end or differential but can supply a stock US
open diff or a welded one as well (Your Choice)... Comes with 30
millimeter rear over fenders... It currently has an R32 (Skyline) front
cross-member so it is ready for an RB Swap but I also have a stock one
if you would like to put an SR back in... Shell is in pretty good
shape... Driver side Quarter panel has some damage but its fixable and
not to noticeable with the over fenders.. Dash has a large patch of
vinyl missing where gauges used to be... Engine bay is very clean and
is already sprayed black with a metallic flake... Car is ready for an
engine and just needs a little TLC, a few parts and some paint...


I have another S13 an FC RX-7 and an EG hatch so I would be willing
to take trades for parts for any of these cars... Also Looking for some
wheels for a 5 lug Chevy 4 wheel drive at least 7 inches and wider...
Also a working gauge cluster from a 88-91 Chevy 4wd 1500 and a gauge
cluster for an 89 Honda CRX... Always looking for tires to burn up as
well so let me know what sizes you got... Will take parts with cash or
if you have a lot of stuff I need I can put cash on top as well...

I also have a truck and trailer so i can deliver for extra depending on your location...



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