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Imagehosting Sites & How-To Post Photos

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Imagehosting Sites & How-To Post Photos

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:05 am

Here is a complete list (of what I found) of different websites that you can host your images.


www.auctionessentials4u.com --- A free image hosting service which allows hotlinking pics for auctions (eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Shoporium) and classified ads. Site also has other auction management tools.
Limitations: Only jpg or gif files; 60 KB file size limit; images are deleted after 8 days.

www.sharexperiences.com --- Free photo gallery site offering personal and public photo albums, send E-Cards of pictures, hotlinking allowed to other sites (Ebay auctions, etc.), comment and vote on pictures. Signup has instant activation. Has browser upload.
Limitations: 101 MB space; Image size up to 1600x1200 max, 250 KB.

www.photobucket.com --- Free image hosting company for ebay, online auctions, classifieds, message boards, live journals, and online photo albums. You can easily upload, categorize, add titles and delete images as needed. Direct linking is allowed. You can upload up to 20 pictures at once. Photos larger than 250 KB are automatically scaled down.
Limitations: 100 MB space; 2500 MB/month bandwidth; 250 KB file size limit; Extensions allowed: .jpg, .png, .gif; Images must not contain any weird characters (numbers and letters only).

www.deadzoom.com --- Free hosting site for eBay and other auctions. Browser upload allows uploading 3 files at once.
Limitations: Max file size 80 KB; .gif .jpg and .jpeg images only; Images are auto-deleted after 11 days.

www.nukedweb.com --- Temporary place to store your images, perhaps for an eBay auction. Images are automatically removed after one week, or after being viewed 100 times. You may upload a total of 20 images to your account.

www.picturetrail.com --- Photo gallery to share pics, and post photos to other sites such as auction websites like Ebay, chat rooms, and message boards. Has image viewing statistics and slideshow of first 20 pictures.
Limitations: 500 pics or 50MB, whichever is used up first; Intro accounts (normally 30 day period) used for image posting to other websites have a shorter intro period of 9 to 11 days.

www.auctionpics.com --- Free remote image hosting and auction templates and tools. An eBay certified developer with auction listing system utilizing eBay's API process. Browser upload up to 5 images at a time, and view with thumbnails. Instant activation.
Limitations: 2 MB of space; .jpg only; Maximum file size is 75 KB; Pics are autodeleted after 15 days.

www.fotki.com --- Create public and private online photo albums to share your photos with friends and family. Has guestbook and statistics for your photo album. Limited storage on free acccounts. Free hotlinking is only allowed on 14-day trials of premium accounts.

www.imagestation.com --- Store digital video clips and create photo albums and ecards to share images with others. ImageStation provides free unlimited space for your digital photos, and up to 15 minutes of free online storage space for your video clips. Has browser upload with Drag-n-Drop tool, and image editing tools.

www.photoaccess.com --- Private, permanent online photo album and image sharing with unlimited storage space for personal use


www.photoasa.com --- Share images and photopgraph albums. It has software upload and an automatic slide show for pictures. You can send personalized photo greeting cards.
Limitations: 50 MB disk-space; JPEG and GIF formats only.

www.photogra.com --- Offers private and public photoalbums, and allows image editing online. Sign up and receive 10 free 4x6 prints.
Limitations: File extensions allowed are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg (no PNG support); File size limit 4 MB.

www.picserver.com --- Hosts GIF, JPG, and PNG images. Same as PicServer.tk.
Limitations: 15 MB space; File size limit 200 KB; Maximum of 75 files.

www.pureoc.com --- This free image hosting is for people who want to show a pic to a friend or host a sig/avatar. We do not host pics for other websites. Images older then 3 months could be deleted if space is low.
Limitations: File extension must be .gif .jpg .jpeg .png; Maximum file size is 350 KB.

www.smartgroups.com --- Create your picture albums, then upload and share pictures and photos (also MP3s or other file types) with group members. Thumbnail images are automatically generated. You can upload multiple pictures to an album in one go using a Zip file.
Limitations: 20 MB webspace.

www.walagata.com --- Free file hosting for images and other files. You can hotlink to them from message boards, auctions, your personal website, or wherever else. You may also upload HTML files via FTP or browser and use Walagata to host your personal website (subdomain; PHP and SSI also work; no ads). Has online image editor and auto-thumbnails.
Limitations: 1 MB space; 2 GB/month bandwidth; File size limit 1 MB; 30-days inactivity limit.

www.webshots.com --- Offers photo hosting for all kinds of auction sellers. In a separate photo sharing service, you can upload, store, and share your photos on your personal webpage. You are also alowed 5 professional photo downloads per day.
Limitations: Max 240 pictures in your photo gallery, and up to 10 pics for auctions.

www.freepichosting.com --- Free remote image linking for ebay and auction sites, LiveJournal, forums, personal pages, etc. Free Pic Hosting also offers a number of page-counting reports, auction stats, and auction helpers. Upload via browser or download their free software. It resizes your images into three sizes (you can't edit or use the original size).
Limitations: 5000 page views/month; You can not remove images you are no longer using.

www.iownjoo.com --- Hosts your images and pictures on their servers so you can use them in your auction listings, forum postings, advertisements, and more. Has browser upload. There are two types of accounts. (1) Trial account - 1 MB space; File size limit 95 KB; You must use your account every couple of days or risk it being deleted. (2) Link partner - 3 MB space; File size limit 170 KB; Account must be renewed every 30 days.

www.listtailor.com --- Provides remote image hosting and assists you in building your auction descriptions by providing easy-to-use auction templates. This site is "donation-based" (instead of ad-based). It can be used for free, but cannot sustain itself without user donations. Has instant signup.
Limitations: You can only upload one file at a time, and images cannot be larger than 512 KB.


www.myitem.com --- Free image hosting service for Internet users that need a place to store pictures of their auction and classified ad items. You can use your browser to upload an unlimited number of images to your account. This host provides another image with a link to your image on their site (no direct hotlinking).
Limitations: Each image must be for an active auction or classified ad; GIF or JPEG files only; File size limit 250 KB.

www.photoisland.com --- Photo-sharing service with totally secure online photo storage. No hotlinking allowed. Guests must login to see your pics.
Limitations: 10 MB web space.

www.strike9.com --- Free remote image hosting for your online auction, forum signature, and message board posts. You can organize your images into folders, track your referrers and remote views, compress and export your files in .zip format, generate thumbnails for easier image browsing, and edit your images online (annotations, resize, crop, etc.). Now allows all file types, and it puts no ads on your pics. Also hosts weblogs. Has instant signup and browser upload.
Limitations: 5 MB storage space, 100 MB/month bandwidth.

www.cybertarp.com --- Picture hosting with photo gallery. Hotlinking is allowed.
Limitations: 10 MB of storage space, and file size limit of 3 MB.

www.myimgs.com --- Free image hosting site for auctions, bulletin boards, photo sharing, gallery, and more. Upload images from your browser and begin sharing them with friends, family, or post them on other websites. You can organize your images with custom folders and directories and automatic thumbnails. Same as HostMySig.com.
Limitations: 5 images max; 1 MB space; 1,000 Monthly Image Views; 10 MB bandwidth limit.

www.trenzhost.com --- Features auto-generated [img] tags to be used in bulletin boards, upload multiple files at a time, supports all of the common image file types, and has email support, as well as forum support. You can not host images for personal or commercial websites.
Limitations: 3 MB storage space; 600 KB per file; 1 GB bandwidth.










www.supermotors.org Free photo, audio, and video hosting for automotive enthusiasts. Fully searchable/sortable registry entries and media galleries. Create a registry entry for each of your vehicles, post vehicle specs, maintenance logs, and organize your media files however you'd like. No space limitations, no file limitations. Full-res pics are retained and remote linking is allowed with no watermarking. Forum links are provided for convenience as well.

**EDIT: I am not sure if all of these are free. But I do believe that about 98% of them are.

I hope that some of these are useful. I try!

Also, when you post images you can do either one of the following:

If you want to post multiple pictures on one post and you have them uploaded onto one of the websites above you can RIGHT CLICK>PROPERTIES and highlight the URL address. COPY and then paste but on first end of the URL type in [~img~] (without the ~'s in there) and on the opposite end type [~/img~] (also without the ~'s in there). Some sites already have it formated for you so all you have to do is highlight it and COPY & PASTE it onto the forum.

The easiest way (which a lot of people do) is click on POST REPLY and scroll down to where you see BROWSE...(or ATTACHMENT) You click on it and it should take you to your pictures folder. You might have to shrink it down a bit (I use PAINT and go to IMAGE>SKETCH/SKEW) so that it is 50000 bytes or less.

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