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Classified's pass

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Classified's pass

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:55 am

From now on, new members will not have access to post in the Classified's sections. They can see and view them, they may also be able to reply to them.

In order for noob's to be able to post a new thread to sale anything, they must be an active member and have a min of 25 posts to get their Classified's pass. (don't try and think you can spam all over just to get your post count up, cause its an invite privilege to post their.)

I'm setting this up cause I've seen to many single posts of new people just posting an ad then never come back.

For anyone that is having problems posting in the classified's, send a PM to Panda AE86 or teamn0kturnal for your pass.

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