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Forum rules, guidelines, etc.

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Forum rules, guidelines, etc.

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:05 am

1. Please Introduce YOURSELF
We don't need a full autobiography but something along the lines of Your name, age, location, and what you drive ( or want to drive) would be appropriate. If you do have a car, there is a member's ride section that you can post on. We would love to see you car.

2. There will be no flaming, bashing, harassment, racial slurs, personal attacks, provoking, threatening or insulting of any member, including the new members. This is a place to learn, share, and respect, therefore no member at any time has the right to break this rule. If you do break this rule, first will be a warning, the second time you will be banned.

3. the209forums.com, in no way whatsoever approves illegal street racing. There will be no talking about who you beat last night, videos of illegal street racing, pictures of illegal street racing, or anything at all to do with illegal street racing allowed on this site. If you want to prove something, prove it at your local track, post a video of that, and a time-slip.

4. Post threads in the appropriate forums and follow the forums set rules. If a thread is posted in the wrong forum, a moderator will move it to the appropriate section, if needed. The Mods will not be too strict about this since most threads are able to belong in multiple, please do you best to start the topic where it is most likely to be at.

5. Please write legibly.
NoNe Of DiZ ShItZ PLeAZ!11!!!!11!@!~#!&#~~!
Living in 209 and next to the Bay, we already go through enough of that shit, so please, don't bring it here. And stay away continuous capitals. It hurts the eyes, and you're yelling. Also try to use as correct grammar, punctuation, and ENGLISH as possible. We are "talking" over the internet and sometimes things can get lost in translation.

6. Limit Image Size and Learn Basic Coding
Yes,some of us are still on dialup internet. It's not cheap when you have to pay for other expenses. No ridiculously-sized images, like 1280x1060. Try to keep things under 600-800 pixels, otherwise LINK to the image.

6a. Signatures should be kept to a minimum. 600px by 175px is an acceptable size for a signature containing an image. Not work safe (NWS), and adult content is prohibited in any members signature or avatar. Any type of advertising will not be allowed unless approved by an Administrator. Violation of this rule will be dealt with, with or without notice to you. Also, avatars must be work safe as well.

6b. It's not too hard to learn how to code. Most of the stuff is just point and click anyway. It'll be a lot easier then making tons of threads asking how to post pictures. Broken links or links that are supposed to be images aren't too nice to look at either.

7. Images need to be hosted on a server.
Images FROM YOUR COMPUTER must be HOSTED ON AN INTERNET SERVER. This isn't going to work:C:\My Documents\My Pictures\OHMYGODNAKEDLADY.jpg
There's a ton of free hosting places on the internet, like www.we-todd-did-racing.com , www.photobucket.com and www.imageshack.com to name a few.

is a NO-NO. Make a post relating to the thread. I know that we DO GO OFF TOPIC A LOT, but please do not try and take the thread so far off track that it gets no where and totally disregards the original thread. For Example, if a person ask a question, please just try and answer the question and not bring up something that does not have anything even remotely related to the thread. We have a "LOUNGE/OFF TOPIC" area for a reason. Having 24.4 billion post does not make you any more of a member than the guy who only has a few hundred.

Anything else that needs to be addressed will be brought up accordingly. If you have any questions or comments regarding these rules, feel free to PM any of the MODS and ask about them.

[menacingly] Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.  [advances, growling] You now have 15 seconds to comply.
You are in direct violation of Penal Code 1.13, Section 9. You have 5 seconds to comply. Four... three... two... one...
I am now authorized to use physical force!

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Re: Forum rules, guidelines, etc.

Post by Panda AE86 on Sun May 30, 2010 7:19 pm

New and clearer rules posted for all Classifieds,

When using the Buy - Sell - Trade forum, please limit your post to one per item or items you are selling. We strongly discourage members from using multiple posts or cross linking from other forums to increase their visibility and we will delete the post accordingly.

There is a 25 Post count & 30-Day membership minimum before members are allowed to make classified posts and access to certain features on their account.

Once this is reached, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours to go through the system before a member will be allowed access to the Buy/Sell/Trade area.

Members who purposely make meaningless posts to reach the 25 post count limit may have those posts deleted without further notice.

1) No External Links: We do not allowing posts with links to any third party sites. Members who violate this policy will have their posting privileges revoked from the Buy-Sell-Trade forum.

When selling, you must be as descriptive as possible. We want all buyers to be fully informed of what they are buying.

All For Sale posts will be automatically archived after 90 days.

2) Required Information: a. Your Item Description b. Your Location c. Your Asking Price d. Any Related Photos (Optional) e. Person placing ad f. Contact Information

3) No Bidding, Feelers, or Silent Auctions: As stated in Rule #2, all pricing information must be clearly written within the description. As such, we do not allow silent bidding's, feelers, and/or auctions. All violating posts with be deleted without warning. Failure to adhere to the rules will forfeit your posting privileges inside the Buy-Sell-Trade forum.

4) Preferred Titles: WTB = Want To Buy *Note: Please use the Want To Buy forum. FS = For Sale FT = For Trade

Example: FS: Used Cold Air Intake

5) Sold Items When the item is sold, please edit your ORIGINAL post as *SOLD*.

6) No Buyer or Seller Harassments: If you do not agree with a seller's asking price then do not buy from them. We welcome fair offers but will not tolerate any comments that is considered harassment in nature. We also ask that you refrain from making any off-topic comments that are of no relation to the transaction. Members who violate this policy will have their access to the Buy-Sell-Trade forum revoked.

7) Fraudulent or SPAMming Posts: If you notice a post that is considered to be misleading, fraudulent, or commercialized(SPAM), please report this post to our staff and we will deal with this situation promptly. You may also use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of each thread. We DO NOT encourage members to take matters in their own hands by harassing other members.

Cool Third Party Selling: Members are not allowed to sell third party products or merchandise in the forums without prior consent from the Administrative Team. This includes selling parts or gauging interests for Manufacturers, Dealers, Retailers, and/or Friends.

9) Selling Multiple Items or Services (Business or Individuals): Members who sell multiple used (i.e. used parts business) or new items and/or services are not permitted to use the forum. No prices or promotions are to be discussed.

10) Using Escrow Services: For high value transactions we suggest using third party companies like Escrow.com to act as a mediator between the two parties. Escrow.com reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions.

Important Note: No vendor or group buy postings allowed unless you have permission from an Admin. With this permission, vendors will have a "209 Affiliate" tag beneath their name.

The 209 Forums is not liable for buyer-seller transactions. The 209 Forums team will delete to their discretion if these rules are not followed.Use them, follow them, or don't cry when your post disappears...

Panda AE86
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